Liminal State



Liminal State is a collective of artists occupying its position at boundaries and thresholds in Belgian electronic music. We run an agency, an independent record label and a recording studio. We also produce visual content and regularly organise liveshows.

Liminal State Studio

Liminal State works on selective external projects. We offer music production, mixing & mastering. For more info contact



Instruments & synthesizers:
Moog Sub 37
Moog Sub Phatty
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Sequential Circuits Prophet 6
Roland Juno 6
Roland Juno 106
Soma Lyra 8
Roland JU-06A
Roland Boutique JU-06
Clavia Nord Lead 2X
Clavia Nord Stage Compact
Arturia Minibrute
Novation Peak
MFB Tanzbar
MFB Tanzbar 2
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Hofner Galaxy Bass (shortscale, flatwounds)
Fender Mustang (shortscale, flatwounds)
50’s Tromsa 20”x14” kick
Vintage Pearl 20”,13”,16” kit
Ludwig 14”x5” Hammered Bronze Super Sensitive Snare Drum
Zildjian Avedis 60’s hi-hat 15”
Dream Bliss 24'' Small Bell Flat Ride Cymbal
Miscellaneous (vintage) drums, cymbals & percussion
Sennheiser MD 441
Rm 800 (small diaphragm condenser)
Rb 500 (ribbon)
Retro Tube II (large diaphragm tube condenser)
Electro Voice RE 20
Plug-in’s & softsynths:
Soundtoys 5
Waves Mercury
Softube Weiss Audio
Ozone Izotope 8
Plugin Alliance
Native Instruments Komplete

Julian Hival - Real Fiction EP (via Traum Schallplatten)
Julian Hival - Lavender (single - via Eskimo Recordings)
Multani - Monster (live-session - via Liminal State)
Cellest - Sonder (single - via Liminal State)

Liminal State Multani

Multani is the brainchild of Niels Meukens. Having already aerned his stripes as a drummer for several renomated Belgian acts, he is now venturing into his brand-new solo project. Operating from his home in the suburbs of Antwerp, Multani writes and records lo-fi hypnagogic gems with a naive state of mind. Experimental electronics and processed vocals are combined with nostalgic synths and intricate percussion, creating a strange yet captivating vibe. Forever lost in an imaginary crooked videogame.


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Liminal State Julian Hival

In the tradition of several live acts like DARKSIDE, David August and Moderat, Julian Hival brings electronic dance music with a 3-piece live band. Influenced by different electronic subgenre's, Julian Hival makes music that is accessible and experimental at the same time: ranging from Berlin underground techno to alienating downtempo compositions.

Pulsating analog synths and heavy basses are contrasted by a haunting falsetto, cinematic ambients and dark club music are boiled down to a melancholic yet energetic whole: hidden in the twilight zone between avant-pop and melodic techno, Julian Hival writes the soundtrack to the dreamlike futuristic world that plays over and over in his head.


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Liminal State mayemi

MAYEMI (pronounced as Miami) is the solo moniker of producer / key wizard Dries Meeus (Jaguar Jaguar, Julian Hival). Although MAYEMI has quietly been lingering in the underground since he started producing twisted club tracks a few years ago, he already got noticed by Studio Brussel and Rock Werchter, who offered him a spot on their line ups. Now he is almost here with his first studio EP entitled ‘Nights’, blending in booming electronics with touches of pop, hiphop and funk. MAYEMI produces eclectic anthems that are equally suitable for sweaty beaches as sultry discothèques flooded with neon light.

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Liminal State LucasVael

Cellest is a composer of future-noir electronic music, inhabiting a dystopian landscape shaped by movement and melody.

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